About Us

Deluxe Pot/Can-Handlers is a subsidiary of Deluxe Holdings, LLC of Nocatee, Florida whose principals are Charles and Darlene Foster. Both Charles and Darlene have extensive backgrounds in sales and marketing and were the owners of a container nursery for 26 years. Having been involved in the nursery industry we know first-hand about carrying large quantities of potted plants.

We knew there had to be a better way for us and our workers to carry heavy plant pots more comfortably and tire less quickly.

There IS a better way and that’s to use our ergonomically comfortable Deluxe Can Handlers which are made here in the U.S. of long-lasting aluminum.

Every worker in our nursery was provided 2 large and 2 small tools and belt and holsters upon their initial employment. They were asked to sign an “Equipment Agreement” (contact us for a sample form) which authorized us to deduct $5 per paycheck until they “owned” them. When they left our employ and returned the tools to us in good condition, except for normal wear and tear, they were refunded their payment in full. Or, if they wanted to keep them they could take their tools with them for future use. We quickly learned that tools were rarely lost when they were “owned” by the worker.

We have found that their use will translate to more $$ dropping into your “bottom line”, as efficiency and productivity increase.

Do what other nurseries throughout the U.S. and Canada are doing and ORDER SOME TOOLS TODAY!

P.S. Why are they called “can” handlers? Back in the “old days” of horticulture, plastic pots were not yet available so nurserymen planted in any container, and metal egg cans were most readily available, thus the name “can” handlers.