For Jobs Big and Small

Large size accommodates 3 through 25 gallon pots. Small size accommodates 1 gallon pots.

Productivity and Savings

Increases PRODUCTIVITY and SAVES MONEY on time spent carrying plants


I purchased 4 large can handlers last year thinking “there has to be something better than repeated, pinch grip handling of heavy pots.” I immediately put them to use moving potted plants to field growing sites. To say the least, these tools worked better than expected. They are easy to use, have good balance, and are solidly built. Moreover, the pot handlers are a welcome ergonomic innovation for repeated handling of pots.

– Mark Lesko, Owner: Arbor Hills Nursery, Burlington, WI

Our employees enjoy using the can handlers.They are more productive day in and day out without the sore fingers from picking up pots by hand. Thank you so much for the great customer service, as well.


– Jack A. Leard, III: Production ManagerMcCorkle Nurseries

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful our new Can Handlers are working out! It is really increasing our productivity at the nursery and on the landscape job-site. One of our female employees was handling four heavy three gallon plants at a time and had a smile on her face to boot!Good luck with this fine product!

– Gary Taylor,: Vice PresidentArctic Palm Company

We move a lot of 3 gallon pots at our 50 acre nursery. So we have ordered 24 of the Deluxe Can Handlers. Our employees use them everyday, it is easier on their hands and they can carry four instead of two. This is a great product that every nursery and landscape company should be using.


– William McClelland, Nursery Manager: Hidden Acres Nursery, Inc.

The can handlers speed up our production crews by allowing workers to carry 4 larger pots instead of 2. They are less tired at the end of the day because there is less strain o fingers and wrists. I would recommend them to anybody moving a lot of nursery cans.

– Chuck Ellsworth, Container Supervisor: Everygreen Nursery Company, Inc.

We have been using the Deluxe Can Handlers at Sabay Tree Farm for the past seven years. The can handlers are an excellent tool for increasing productivity by lessening the physical strain on our employees.

– Cheryl Banks: Sabay Tree Farm